Virgin Mary

Because sometimes you want all the fun of the party… without any consequences the next day. Our award-winning original mix shines in this classic version of a Virgin Bloody Mary cocktail.


Refrigerate your jar of Natural Blonde Bloody Mary mix. Take a slice of lemon and run it along the edge of four glasses.

Dip the rim of each glass into the Salty Blonde salt rimmer jar. Be sure to give the glass an extra swirl to make sure the salt rimmer is evenly coated on the glass. Put the glasses aside for a few minutes to let the salt rimmer set. Fill your glasses with ice. Grab your Natural Blonde Bloody Mary mix, and give the jar a good shake. 

Pour 4 oz (about half a cup) of Natural Blonde into each glass, and give it a stir. Kick up your feet, share, and enjoy!