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Natural Blonde Bloody Mary Mix Recipes

The flavor's in our refreshing yellow tomato juice and unique blend of spices go great with a variety of liquors and garnishes. Don't forget that our mix is great for cooking too. Find some inspiration, or follow the recipe of our growing list of premium quality recipes. 

Scary Mary

This woeful cocktail packs a woah-ful punch. Topped with a generous layer of black vodka, this haunting drink is a perfect addition to your Halloween cocktail lineup. Dark, defiant, and delectable. Perfect for your inner Wednesday Adams.

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The Bloody Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzgerald, a local legend whom you can find currently at The Refuge on Isle of Palms, came up with this stellar recipe (LOVE the pic!): Premium vodka Michael's Signature Bloody Mix (Chipotle, cumin, hot pepper sauce, worcestershire and other proprietary spices) Natural Blonde Bloody Mary Mix Garnish with cucumber ribbon and rosemary spear

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Caprese Pasta Salad

Tina McCard from West Ashley, personal chef to the stars, came up with this lovely creation: Farfalle pasta Fresh mozzarella Yellow teardrop tomatoes E.V.O. 1 cup of Natural Blonde Bloody Mary MIx Toss all ingredients and garnish with balsamic glaze and fresh basil!

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Bloody Maria

Tina McCard (see above), with our homage to Sammy Hagar, enjoyed this Bloody Maria mix on the back porch of her villa on the coast of Nantucket: 1.5 oz of Cabo Wabo tequila Natural Blonde Bloody Mary Mix Two dashes of Lowcountry Heat Green Go hot sauce Garnish with Granna's Gourmet Spicy Pickled Okra

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Mary Me Already!

Another slammin' entry from Mike Fitzgerald at The Refuge. This one plays on the "blank slate" aspect of the mix...easy to add to without compromising the flavor and brightness of the fresh tomatoes. 4 oz Natural Blonde 1.25 oz Ancho Reyes Liquer .5 barspoon proprietary sauce 2 droppers caraway/fennell/celery tincture Ancho salt rim Cilantro garnish

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The Frozen Iguana

From: Dale DeGroff It is sooo cold ... that Iguanas are falling out of trees...this calls for a drink! Here's a savory and spicy brunch drink, that is food friendly. The Frozen Iguana Ingredients 4 oz. of Natural Blonde Bloody Mary Mix 2 oz. Mezcal 1.5 tblsp of Agazve syrup a few dashes of Dale’s Pimento Bitters a cup of ice cubes. Preparation: Toss everything in a blender and blend. Garnish? it's a Bloody Mary variation ... use your imagination!

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