What's Different about Natural Blonde

Golden Tomatoes, All-Natural Ingredients and Award Winning Taste

1. Our Yellow Tomatoes!

Low in acidity and high in freshness, our sun-ripened yellow tomatoes are what sets Natural Blonde apart from other Bloody Mary Mixes.

It is what makes Natural Blonde, "Golden." Can you imagine anything more delicious than a hand-picked, juicy gold tomato?

2. We're All Natural!

We like to think of Natural Blonde as a healthy juice that just happens to be a Bloody Mary mix. We have ingredients you can actually understand: we take juice from yellow tomatoes and infuse it with an irresistible blend of spices.

Natural Blonde is Gluten Free, Artificial Preservative Free, Low in Sodium and Low Calorie!

3. Award-Winning Taste

Natural Blonde won the highest award possible (Platinum) at the Drunken Tomato Awards, a competition solely made for recognizing the best Bloody Mary mixes.

As well as winning other various awards, Natural Blonde just tastes, good. But you don't have to take our word for it, try it out yourself!

Get Yourself Some Gold!